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I joined Modular Education when I was in Primary 6. Back then I didn’t like Mathematics. But after being tutored by Mr Koh, my grades improved and I slowly gained interest in it. Mr Koh could identify my weaknesses almost immediately, was able to guide me on ways to improve, and has a voice that attracts the attention of students. He also gave us many interesting ways to memorise certain fundamental formulas which made difficult topics much easier to handle. He showed us that many formulas which students were made to memorise can actually be derived from a few definitions. During lessons, the class is interactive and we are free to discuss different methods of solving questions with Mr Koh, as Mathematics is a subject that is free for people to understand in their own way. Mr Koh and Modular Education has made Mathematics much more fun and exciting for me, and has allowed me to foster friendships that last for life!

Loh Hui Xian (P6 to JC2 H2)


Hi Mr Koh, Thank you so much for your help and guidance in Mathematics. For the IB exams, I scored 44 points with 7 points in Math HL. I believe that your teaching and instruction has been very useful considering that I joined the class late in Year 6 and I scored mostly 5 for exams and common test. I hope that you will continue to teach and nurture the next few batches of IB students as you are an excellent teacher.

David Lim (Yr 6 IB ACS (I))


When I first joined Modular Education Centre, English was the course I signed up for taught by Mrs Manjit. During the weekly lessons, it made me realize how good of a teacher Mrs Manjit is. She will personally mark and check through the compositions and comprehensions and is very patient in clarifying any doubts whatsoever. Not only that, she guides students through the various tips and tricks needed for English. Her impeccable attitude towards teaching is in a way ‘motherly’ and she takes into consideration the weaknesses and strengths of each student and provides feedback to improve and hone one’s skills in their strengths. Even my results can vouch for her effectiveness as a teacher. From Term 2 to Term 3, my grades for English jumped dramatically from C5 in term 2 to A2 in term 3. All in all even though I have only been with the centre for 2 terms. Mrs Manjit as a whole is a very enjoyable teacher to be around and has impacted me greatly as a secondary student.

Stephanas Lim (Sec 4)

A Competitive Edge

The primary motivation behind Modular Education Centre is depicted by our slogan “Towards Excellence”.

We believe that every child is uniquely endowed with an innate ability to achieve excellence. To ensure that every child harnesses his/her ability, we have created a learning experience to engage his/her mind to be actively inquisitive and inquiring. 

  • Our worksheets are meticulously prepared and well structured, progressing from basic fundamentals to challenging problems.
  • Our teachers are competent in igniting the fire in every child’s imagination so that they are capable of fulfilling their quest for knowledge. 
  • Our class size is deliberately kept small and arranged according to each child’s competency so as to ensure that each child gets his/her needs attended to.

Our resolute determination to guide your child “Towards Excellence” has indeed seen many of our students achieving great academic results beyond their imagination. This has resulted in many commendations from satisfied parents and former students. We hope to be the learning centre of choice for your child’s journey toward academic excellence.

Our Values

We are Sincere in our belief and conviction, Committed to our task, Responsible in our actions and Passionate in our work. We understand every parent’s aspirations for his/her child. That’s why we go beyond our scope of work and call of duty to help each child unleash his/her potential so that he/she can realize his/her dreams.  

Our Tutors

Our team of tutors, passionate about our motivational slogan “Towards Excellence” enshrine THE AGENDA: to help every child succeed. They are well-trained with the ability to initiate the innate curiosity of every child. They communicate their know-how professionally to INSPIRE every child to hunger for more knowledge. They expend great effort in designing teaching materials to MOTIVATE every child to work towards excellence.

Our Learning Environment

Our classrooms are fully air-conditioned, brightly lit and equipped with proper facilities to create conducive environment for learning. Our classroom size can accommodate between 6 – 12 students. We endeavor to maintain a low tutor-student ratio to ensure optimal interaction between tutor and students.


Modular provides a comfortable and conducive environment for one who wants to excel in their studies. The teachers are always approachable and engaging, making lessons fun and enjoyable. These have greatly helped me in achieving remarkable results for my O levels, A1 for my Additional and Elementary Math. Many thanks to all Modular teachers and staff for their encouraging support in my educational journey.

Lee Jin Tao (Student of Modular since P5–S4)


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