Junior College 1 – 2 and Year 5 – 6 (H1, H2, IB)

Our tutoring method:

  • Solicit questions from students on issues they have problems in understanding.
  • Confirm they have clarified their misconceptions by testing them with similar questions.
  • Customise teaching with real world examples to make the subject come alive to enable students to see the relevance of economics to today’s world. This will equip them with requisite knowledge to prepare them for their examination.
  • Drill the students with sufficient past year examinations questions to hone their answering skills.
  • Train the students to be proficient in applying what they have learned to answer variation in examinations questions, including the tricky ones.

Impress upon the students to be conscientious in their studies. They must also realize that there is no substitute for hard work if they want to pass examinations with distinction.


Our Economics Tutor

Levels: JC 1 -2 (H1, H2) | Year 5 – 6 IB

Mr Phua is an Honours Degree graduate in Economics from National University of Singapore. A former lecturer with a private institution, he is now a full-time tutor with more than 20 years of tutoring experience in the subject.

Mr Phua’s forte lies in his ability to break down complicated economic concepts into clear and understandable terms. He actively engages his students to see the relevance of economics to the practical realities of everyday living so that his students can apply the concepts learned to examination questions. And through his dedicated teaching, he has coached many students to obtain distinctions in A-level examinations.

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