Our Science lessons adhere closely to the latest examination syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

We emphasize the delivery of concepts, the understanding of formulae and the application of knowledge.

 Our tutoring method is to:

  • Review and reinforce fundamental concepts
  • Acquire and test the understanding of knowledge and formulas through exposure to challenging past year examination questions.
  • Enhance a student’s critical thinking skills through engaging in various source-based discussions.
  • Learn the skills in analyzing examination questions.


Classes Available

  • Secondary 3 – 4
    • Pure Chemistry
    • Pure Physics
    • Combined Physics / Chemistry
  • Junior College / IB Level 
    • H2 Chemistry
    • H2 Physics / HL Physics


Our Science Tutor


Levels: Sec 3 – 4 Express /IP

Mr Jeffrey Tan holds a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering- Third Class Honours from Nanyang Technological University. He is a former MOE teacher from Year 2002 to 2012. He is currently a full-time tutor teaching upper secondary science (Pure Physics and Chemistry). He is a very dedicated and responsible tutor. He prepares lessons and sets Term tests for students. He reinforces concepts and applications taught in school as well as to review students’ exam papers to identify their weaknesses so that students will not recur their mistakes during national examinations.  Students under his tutelage not only have improved in grades but also their confidence in tackling challenging questions.

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