Social Studies

Secondary 3 – 4

 Social Studies is an elective subject that is compulsory for secondary school students. Students will learn to express their thoughts and opinions in a mature and intelligent manner. They will learn effective comprehension skills to cope with this reading-intensive subject.

Constructive discussions on global issues are raised to trigger critical thinking so as to hone in students’ reasoning and inference skills. This will enable them to tackle, in a coherent manner, source-based components consisting of a variety of sources ranging from political statements, excerpts from speeches, memoirs, interviews, photographs, comments from magazines, newspaper articles, and blogs as well as political cartoons or illustrations.


Our Social Studies Tutor

Levels: Sec 3- 4  O-level

Mrs MANJIT has been an Associate Tutor with Modular Education Centre for more than 15 years.  She is a former Corporate Communications Officer with a well-established organization.  She holds a Degree in English Language and Literature. She is very passionate about nurturing our younger generation in the English Language and to follow her dream she became a full-time tutor and taught for some time in a MOE secondary school as well as private institutions.

Mrs Manjit has always been rated by our students as being an extremely dedicated and responsible tutor. She is great at creating a comfortable atmosphere in class when engaging with her students. She is noted for her personal coaching style which she strongly believes in. She accomplishes this by looking into the unique needs of each individual student so as to enhance his or her potential by minimizing the challenges faced by each student.

She is able to guide her students to articulate their thoughts and ideas cohesively and systematically. Her Social Studies lessons include engaging students in understanding required topics, imparting skills and techniques to answer source-based as well as structured essay questions.

Students under her tutelage have improved not only in grades but also by becoming more interested in the subject and in this way enhancing their confidence. Her notable achievement includes turning around the grades of students with F9 to C/B/A. The testimony to her success is the fact that some of her students have been with her since kindergarten and remained with her during their Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels.

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