“A progressive approach to learning mathematics”

We aim to make mathematics simple, fun yet challenging. In class, our students learn to:

  • Grasp strong mathematical concepts
  • Review core and fundamental topics
  • Enhance analytical and heuristic skills in problem-solving
  • Apply mathematical strategies in solving problem sums systematically
  • Stretch learning beyond school syllabus using higher-order thinking approach and non-routine questions
  • Practice with relevant worksheets specially designed by our team of tutors to reinforce and retain methodology taught in class and school.

Classes Available

  • Primary 3 – 4 [Fundamental Module]
  • Primary 5 – 6 [PSLE Preparation Module]
  • Secondary 1 – 2 (Express, IP) [Fundamentals of Algebra]
  • Secondary 3 – 4 (Express, IP) [Elementary and Additional Maths]
  • Junior College 1 – 2 [H1 / H2 Maths]
  • Year 5 – 6 (IB) [HL Maths]
  • Year 5 – 6 (IB) [SL / HL Maths]


Our Mathematics Tutors

Levels: Primary 5 – 6 | Sec 1 – 2 Express | Sec 3 – 4 Add-Maths | Sec 1 – 4 IP / IB | JC 1 – 2 | Yr 5 – 6 IB

B SC (Maths with Honors), Dip Ed, Dip SA (NUS)

Mr Koh, former National Junior College (NJC) Further Mathematics lecturer, is very passionate about teaching Mathematics that he founded Modular Education Centre 20 years ago and has since been dedicating his time to nurture students in this subject. He is a highly sought-after tutor for his competence to simplify mathematics concepts clearly with “stunning ease and clarity”. His use of anecdotes to illustrate concepts and ideas is refreshing and it is simple wonder, then, that students’ attitude toward mathematics become more positive and they start to excel academically, from failing to passing and to scoring distinctions.

He customised lessons and worksheets to meet the needs of every student.  Being able to communicate effectively with students of different age group and various levels, he helped to build the confidence of many students who are struggling in the subject.  Parents, seeing great achievements in their older children often requested him to teach the younger ones. Since then he has been teaching the upper primary level, lower and upper secondary levels, junior college level, integrated programme (IP) and the international baccalaureate (IB) programme.

Student Testimonials

Hi Mr Koh, this is long overdue but i just wanted to thank you so much for all the help (& math puns) you’ve given me these past 4 years!! i was always meh with maths but having tuition lessons with you is always fun because of your lame jokes HAHA and your many many many worksheets that i drown in!! having you as a teacher made me appreciate math a whole lot more and for that, i’m really grateful!! it’s made math so much more interesting and /gasp/ exciting heh. hope you know just how thankful i am to have had you as a math teacher and i’ll come to visit you soon!!!!! (once uni apps are out of the way) LOVE UUUUU MR KOH U MY FAV MATH TEACHER.

Chen Jo Ann  (Pioneer JC) 2018


hi mr koh! i got A for H2 math   thankiew so much for all your help! i’m really blessed to have met such an inspiring & patient math teacher like you   super grateful for all the help & encouragement you have given to me everytime i come for class and on whatsapp as well   ive learnt alot from you, and yr really a very passionate and dedicated math teacher   a big thank you once again!

Callista Wong (Anderson JC)2018


I joined Modular Education when I was in Primary 6. Back then I didn’t like Mathematics. But after being tutored by Mr Koh, my grades improved and I slowly gained interest in it. Mr Koh could identify my weaknesses almost immediately, was able to guide me on ways to improve, and has a voice that attracts the attention of students. He also gave us many interesting ways to memorise certain fundamental formulas which made difficult topics much easier to handle. He showed us that many formulas which students were made to memorise can actually be derived from a few definitions. During lessons, the class is interactive and we are free to discuss different methods of solving questions with Mr Koh, as Mathematics is a subject that is free for people to understand in their own way. Mr Koh and Modular Education has made Mathematics much more fun and exciting for me, and has allowed me to foster friendships that last for life!

Loh Hui Xian (P6 to JC2 H2)


Hi Mr Koh, Thank you so much for your help and guidance in Mathematics. For the IB exams, I scored 44 points with 7 points in Math HL. I believe that your teaching and instruction has been very useful considering that I joined the class late in Year 6 and I scored mostly 5 for exams and common test. I hope that you will continue to teach and nurture the next few batches of IB students as you are an excellent teacher.

David Lim (Yr 6 IB ACS (I))



Levels: Primary 4 – 6

An Associate tutor with Modular Education Centre for more than 7 years, Miss KOH is an NUS graduate with at least 15 years of teaching experience.  A committed tutor, she is knowledgeable, responsible and cordial yet stern when she needs to. She has an especial interest in students who are weak in mathematics. Being a passionate educator, she applies her excellent knowledge and strategies to teach her students, to inspire and to instill confidence in achieving the best of their ability to score in the subject.

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